People analytics made easy.

Our insights engine uses artificial intelligence to analyze the workforce data you already have, the way you have it, so that you can spend your time creating positive change.

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From data to insights in four simple steps.


Step 1

Pursue GoodWell Certification or select specific insight areas

Step 2

Submit data to GoodWell

Step 3

GoodWell runs and reports analysis

Step 4

Gain insights


Choose a pathway to insights.

Select the insight areas that matter to you.
Choose one, choose all.

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Loyalty & Engagement Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce with our loyalty and engagement engine to drive effective action planning

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eNPS Engagement Survey


A/I Sentiment Analysis


Areas of Excellence


Areas for Improvement




Pay Equality Insights

Analyze salary distribution to determine how equitable your compensation practices are across your organization


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Gender Pay Gap

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Racial Pay Gap

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Equitable Executive Compensation

Mgmt+Comp 200.png

Equitable Management Compensation

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Living Wage


People & Benefits Insights

Determine which benefits matter to your people to increase retention and drive engagement and productivity


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Worker Safety*

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Underage & Part-Time Workers*

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Hiring Bias (coming soon!)


GoodWell Certification

GoodWell certification includes all three workplace insights (Loyalty & Engagement, Pay Equity, People & Benefits) measured against established thresholds.
By committing to a standard of humanity and equality, you can inspire your teams and live by your values.



GoodWell Certification

* where applicable