Why GoodWell?

We’re your in-house people analytics experts. We help organizations regardless of size, industry, geography or structure.
We have experience working with for-profits, non-profits and governments.

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Before [GoodWell] there was simply no way to sift through all of the subjective feedback and make sense of it. This may be the most powerful management tool I have ever encountered
— Public Company CEO
I am used to getting a 200 page report on my employee engagement survey and not having any idea how to act on the information. With [GoodWell] I get the information I need in the timeframe I need to act
— Mid-Size U.S. City Mayor
Getting actionable information every quarter to see how we are improving is changing the way we operate
— Software Tech CEO
I had no idea how much power there was in both quantitative and qualitative feedback
— Non Profit CEO