Cobalt Kids - And Supply Chains

We are constantly looking for ways in which we can succinctly convey the importance of the mission of GoodWell.  Today we have a phenomenal example of how the simple changes proposed in the GoodWell Code of Conduct would have an unprecedented impact if globally adopted. 

The video below shows one simple example of how good companies can outsource their bad behavior so far down their supply chain they can legitimately hide behind plausible deniability/ignorance.  For example at minute 7:19 in this video there is a quote from Microsoft stating "we have not traced the cobalt used in Microsoft Products to the smelter level due to the complexity and resources required".  REALLY?  A company which had nearly $100 Billion in Revenue and $18 Billion in PROFIT in 2015 could not allocate the resources required to figure this out?

Right now it is far too easy for big companies and consumers hide behind our blissful ignorance and the complexity of our global economy.  It's time that changed.

In order for a company to become GoodWell certified, they must also require their supply chain to become certified.  This causes a cascading reaction all the way through the supply chain which ends in the areas of the world which are highly susceptible to environmental and human rights abuses.  By design this gives the large companies mentioned in this video like Microsoft, Apple and Samsung a straightforward (and inexpensive) means of ensuring their supply chain is not corrupted with bad behavior.  Our goal is not to create a world of perfect companies, our goal to to have 100% of companies globally operating at a level of basic humanity.

Please take a couple minutes to watch this video, I think you will find it incredibly compelling.  And as always please consider adding your voice to ours by becoming a Founding Member

Oliver Russell