Empowering employers to act with humanity...


Many business leaders are quick to state that people are their most strategic asset, but their words are often just that - words.

GoodWell provides leaders of For-Profit, Non-Profit and Government organizations with the tools necessary to measure and improve upon what matters in all human elements of their operation.

GoodWell helps organizations prove that people are their most important asset.

  • Build a baseline for resilient business that outperforms your peers over time.

  • Measure and improve organizational performance THROUGH a certification process.

  • Attract and retain your people. 


What it is...

Goodwell is a 100% metrics based certification process.

Goodwell helps organizations align their actions with their intentions by measuring what matters when it comes to their most important asset, their people.  Goodwell has developed a series of human metrics which provide executives and boards with an objective view into how their organization is behaving in regards to their employees.  In addition, our process not only provides you with the critical metrics, but allows you to credibly demonstrate to your employees, your community, and the world your organization is doing good while doing well.


Who is it for...

Goodwell is useful for any EMPLOYER, small or large

The GoodWell process was designed to be applicable to any employer regardless of size, industry, geography or organizational structure.  Our metrics were created with ubiquity in mind and are being used by:

  • For Profits
  • Non-Profits
  • Governmental Organizations

Why It Matters...

The GoodWell Certification benefits employers by:

Providing insight into key performance indicators of employee treatment.

Benchmarking organizational human metrics against peers to ensure best practices.

Proving to current and prospective employees that intentions align with actions.

Demonstrating that a great workplace benefits customers, investors, and communities.

Using scientifically valid methods to measure employee satisfaction and gather crucial feedback.


our mission

"GoodWell helps leaders align actions with intentions when it comes to their most important asset - their people."

 - GoodWell Founder and Chairman - Pete Gombert