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Goodwell provides organizations of all types (For Profit, Non-Profit and Governmental entities) a universal framework to ensure they are operating at a basic level of humanity.  Our certification process requires members to measure and pass 11 key metrics related to their treatment of employees.  For each metric there is a minimum required threshold which must be met.  In order to become a certified entity, our members must exceed these thresholds for all 11 metrics annually.


implementing The Goodwell framework is a simple three step process.  by the end of the process your ORGANIZATION will be certified and will have learned a lot along the way.  In fact most organizations typically report RECEIVING immediate benefit from simply gathering the data and calculating the metrics.

STEP 1: Gather the data, calculate the metrics

Step 1 is simply to gather the data necessary to calculate the metrics.  Much of the data we require already exists within your organization and simply needs to be collected.  However, in certain instances a survey or a new process may need to be implemented in order to properly report the numbers.

STEP 2: Evaluate the metrics

Next, metrics are evaluated against the minimum required threshold for each metric. For your organization to be certified, you must exceed the minimum threshold for each metric.  This data is gathered and evaluated annually and both the process and data must be certified by GoodWell.  

STEP 3: Submit the metrics

Every year GoodWell Certified entities are required to submit their Annual Report and deliver their underlying data to GoodWell.  Once submitted and reviewed, GoodWell will notify your organization if you have achieved (or maintained) their annual GoodWell Certification. 


For organizations interested in becoming GoodWell Certified we offer a Free Consultation to answer any questions you may have.  Simply click the button below to get started.