GoodWell Trademark Guidelines

About GoodWell, Inc.

GoodWell, Inc. (“GoodWell”) is a public benefit corporation based in Boise, Idaho with a simple and powerful mission: to unite the world’s conscious businesses into a single powerful voice for change. Through its GoodWell Certified program, GoodWell aims to ensure 100% of companies worldwide operate with a basic level of humanity and demonstrate their commitment to responsible and sustainable business.  

Applicability of these guidelines.

A business, governmental entity, or nonprofit (“Certifying Entity”) that abides by GoodWell Certification Agreement agreed to comply with these GoodWell Trademark Guidelines. Any use of GoodWell’s trademarks, service marks, certification marks, logos and other graphic images associated with GoodWell, Inc., GoodWell Certification Pending and GoodWell Certified (Blue, Gold, and Platinum tiers) (collectively, “GoodWell’s Marks”) that is not permitted by the GoodWell Certification Agreement and these GoodWell Trademark Guidelines is prohibited without express written approval from GoodWell. Any terms not defined in this document have the definition given to them in the GoodWell Certification Agreement. These GoodWell Trademark Guidelines apply to all uses of GoodWell’s Marks, whether in print media, websites, webpages, social media forums, or otherwise.

Limitations on use of GoodWell’s Marks.

  1. No confusingly similar marks. A Certifying Entity shall not, at any time, directly or indirectly, use trademarks that are confusingly similar to GoodWell’s Marks.

  2. Use a trademark notice and attribution. GoodWell requires the use of a trademark notice (™ or ®) and attribution statement one or more times when GoodWell’s Marks are written in printed materials. The trademark notice ® stands for registered. GoodWell’s Marks are not currently registered in the United States or any other country, but will be as soon as feasible. When the registration is finalized, the use of the ® will be preferred. GoodWell claims all common law trademark rights for GoodWell’s Marks worldwide, regardless of registration and use of the ™ is appropriate. The suggested and preferred statement is, “ GoodWell™, GoodWell Certification Pending™, GoodWell Certified™, the GoodWell logo, and all related GoodWell trademarks and service marks are owned by GoodWell, Inc. and are used here only under a limited license.”

  3. Avoid variations. Do not change the spelling or capitalization of the GoodWell marks, and do not insert hyphens or use with any prefix, suffix, or other modifying words, terms, designs, or symbols, or in any modified form. For example, these uses are NOT permitted:  Goodwell, Good-Well, “Feeling GoodWell today!”

  4. Do NOT use GoodWell’s Marks as part of a business name, domain name, or social media name. Do not use GoodWell’s Marks as part of any corporate name, trade name, domain name, or social media name. When used this way, it suggests that GoodWell controls or owns the company or website or social media page. The existence of multiple companies, websites, and pages using GoodWell’s Marks that are controlled by different people creates a likelihood of confusion among consumers and could eventually cause GoodWell’s Marks to become generic. Instead, use your own business name and refer to your affiliation with GoodWell as permitted.

  5. Always use the GoodWell approved version of logos. GoodWell logos, including the logo at the top of this page, are single, standalone pieces of artwork protected under trademark and copyright law. When reproducing a logo, use only the master artwork version provided by GoodWell. Do not alter or distort the appearance of the logo in any way.

GoodWell reserves the right to review a Certifying Entity’s use of GoodWell’s Marks. Upon written request by GoodWell, the Certifying Entity must cease using GoodWell’s Marks in any manner that GoodWell believes in good faith to be in conflict with the GoodWell Certification Agreement or these GoodWell Trademark Guidelines, or GoodWell’s ownership of its intellectual property and/or the GoodWell brand.

Promotion and advertising using GoodWell’s Marks.

Certifying Entities are encouraged to promote their status as GoodWell Certification Pending and GoodWell Certified, provided that all advertising and promotional activities using or referring to any of GoodWell’s Marks must be done in good taste, must display a high degree of consistency with GoodWell branding, and must reflect favorably on GoodWell, the GoodWell brand, and the GoodWell community.

GoodWell reserves the right to request that a Certifying Entity submit to GoodWell, prior to use, all advertising, promotional, and public relations plans and materials a Certifying Entity plans to use. Such submission shall include a description of the proposed use of the materials, in what media they will be published, and any additional information requested. GoodWell will have 30 business days after receipt of the submission to approve or disapprove the materials and/or proposed use, unless GoodWell notifies the Certifying Entity that additional time is required. If GoodWell does not approve or disapprove within that time frame, the submitted materials and proposed use will be considered approved. If GoodWell disapproves the submitted materials and/or proposed use, the Certified Entity must immediately stop any use of the materials.

GoodWell has sole and absolute discretion in making approval or disapproval decisions.

Enforcement actions taken by GoodWell.

GoodWell may commence, prosecute, and/or settle any infringement, unfair competition, or any other action relating to any use of GoodWell’s Marks, at GoodWell’s expense and in GoodWell’s sole and absolute discretion. GoodWell will retain any award or settlement obtained as a result of such action. Certifying Entities using GoodWell’s Marks shall comply with all reasonable requests made in connection with any matter related to the protection and enforcement of GoodWell’s rights to GoodWell’s Marks. GoodWell shall reimburse a Certifying Entity for direct expenses incurred at GoodWell’s request under this section.

Discontinuation of Use.

Upon termination of a Certifying Entity’s status as GoodWell Certification Pending or GoodWell Certified, or termination of the intellectual property license for any reason, the Certifying Entity must immediately at at its own expense discontinue using GoodWell’s Marks, including use on any facilities, brochures, flyers, directories, websites, social media platforms, or any other means of communication controlled by the Certifying Entity that identifies the Certifying Entity as affiliated with GoodWell.


These GoodWell Trademark Guidelines may be updated and modified from time to time at GoodWell’s sole and absolute discretion. Such changes will be effected by posting the updated guidelines on GoodWell’s website. GoodWell will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify Certifying Entities of all such changes, but the enforceability of such changes will not be contingent on actual notification.