To create a world in which all businesses operate at a basic level of humanity


By December of 2020 - 20 million businesses around the world will be GoodWell Certified




We realize this effort is massive and we will need incredible partners to achieve our goals.  We value and respect our partners and seek to provide as much assistance as we receive if not more.


In all that we do we will be fully transparent


We must remain independent to ensure we never compromise on our values and standards


While our goals are aspirational we will always strive to implement realistic measures to achieve those goals. Being idealistic is wonderful, however, if it prevents meaningful change nothing has been accomplished.


It is easy to be weighed down by the atrocities we see occurring on a daily basis – we remain optimistic in the face of all challenges.  


We are aware of our own realities and we seek to recognize and understand the realities of our impact on others and our planet.



All that we do will be focused on sustainable practices.  From financial to environmental practices we will always strive to see the long term impacts of our actions and act to ensure sustainability.